Municipal Clerk

William M. Robins, RMC
Office Hours: 9 am -- 4:30pm 
732-968-8605 (fax)

The Municipal Clerk, by virtue of the position, serves as liaison officer between the governing officials and the public.

The Clerk Serves as:

  • Secretary to the Governing Body
    Prepares Council Meeting Agendas
    Prepares and retains original copies of all Minutes, Ordinances and Resolutions
    Administers and Records Oaths of Office

  • Secretary to the Municipal Corporation
    Custodian of the Municipal Seal
    Maintains custody of all Minutes Books, Bonds, Contracts and Archival records
    Attests to the signatures of municipal officers and officials

  • Chief Elections Officer
    Certifies vacancies at the local level
    Maintains receipt of nominating petitions
    Certifies to the County Clerk the local candidates nominated by petition
    Maintains receipt of election results
    Suggests Polling Places to be used during elections

  • Chief Registrar of Voters in the municipality
    Voter Registration Forms
    Party Affiliation Declaration Forms
    Absentee Ballot Application Forms

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